What we do & how we can help your business

What we do

“A clarity of vision and a team that really works together – more than your average team building experience.”

David O’Sullivan creator of HideawayHQ describes the hideaway as a hub of specific services and events designed to improve the performance of your team and business.

“Thinking of HideawayHQ as a hub allows you to better understand how we support teams with a variety of professional services that move your team and business forward.”

We offer the following services that can be stand alone or combined in a way that ensures you get a good return on your investment.

Team Building Events: Race around the region

Race around the region

Using your nouse and some cool smart device technology we can create your own adventure where teams race to complete tasks and explore the region. As customised and challenging as you’d like it to be.

Team Building Events: Destination Matakana

Destination Matakana

Solve the riddles and complete the activities to find the local gems and enjoy the delights of the region. An enjoyable adventure, great for networking and team bonding.

Team Building Events: Treasure Hunt Coastal Challenge

Treasure Hunt Coastal Challenge

For the more energetic team, decipher codes and complete tasks whilst enjoying coastal scenery and the odd hill climb. Beat the opposing team and be the first to find the hidden loot.

Team Building Events: Survivor Matakana

Survivor Matakana

If you really want to get messy and prove you’re a tougher team than the rest this team building activity is for you. Not for the faint hearted.

Team Building Events: Paddock Games

Paddock Games

A set of challenges across 100 acres, navigate your way to each challenge and beat your teamates home. Think farm land and forests then add adventure.

Team Building Events: Winter Games

Winter Games

A crowd favourite, complete a bunch of challenges that has everyone in stitches. More about fun and bonding than proving how cool you are. Bring a partner business with you to add a level of competition.


Team Building Events: Brains Trust Challenge

Brains Trust Challenge

Teams compete to complete a series of challenges engaging problem solving, innovation and communication.
A great event if you want to stay close but stretch you teams brain trust.


Team Building Events: Escape the Scarecrow

Escape the Scarecrow

Locked in a barn with an hour to get out, teams must discover all the clues and complete the challenges before they get harvested. Teams of 8 or less.


Team Building Events: Minute to Win it Team Events

Minute to Win it Team Events

Block buster team event with two or more teams competing to beat each other and the buzzer.


Team Building Events: Biz Quizz

Biz Quizz

Have a fun night enjoying catered food and local wines and beers and be driven home after finding out who really is the smartest – the boss or the IT guy! Winter fun.


We can support you all the way.

We value your time with us and know effective change doesn’t just happen, here’s how we can help with additional expertise.

Strategic Facilitation

We work with companies to help define or refine their strategic vision and the steps required to move forward.
Outcomes – Providing the support required to create a clear strategic plan, measurable and deliverable.
What you get – A clear sense of direction, proactive rather than reactive employees, better decision making, alignment of various business functions, the ability to evaluate progress, increased performance.

Leadership Development – Coaching & Mentoring

We offer workshops, coaching and mentoring. Working alongside your leaders and future leaders providing them with the developmental support they need to be successful in their roles or future roles with your company.
What you get – Effective leadership styles, strong leaders who are able to deal with adversity, a methodological approach to coaching and nurturing future leaders, improved staff retention, better decisions.

HR Learning and Development

We provide personality profiling, recruitment and onboarding support to help find talent and build capability across your team.

Continuous Improvement Frameworks

We design continuous improvement frameworks to help you translate new goals and learnings back into the workplace. We work with companies to create personal and team accountabilities that help you deliver the change you want.
What you get – Improved team performance, accountable and engaged employees, improved customer satisfaction, staff development inline with company needs, a more competitive business.

Venue & Catering

HideawayHQ can be just that. Sometimes you just need to get away and focus with your team without interruption. As a venue we provide pretty much everything you need from the coffee machine to the breakout areas. We can help with catering, transport and office support.

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