The team behind Hideaway HQ

David O’Sullivan Creator, Team Builder Facilitator

David has a background in enthusiasm, he is often described as Mr Project or the guy who can’t sit still. David is highly motivated by the results that come from working with teams; from creating clarity of vision through to coaching individuals and delivering improved performance. Driven by the success of others and the outcomes of teams he is the inspiration behind HideawayHQ. David has worked in over 7 countries ‘forming, storming, norming and performing’ his way through a variety of industries.

David loves creating fun challenging events that address a company’s unique challenges and helping them realise the value of a team that works together towards shared goals. David has worked as a facilitator and trainer for large organisations before moving into management and leadership. For the last 10 years David has worked with new teams and leadership groups, coaching and mentoring them to be more effective. Some of the things said about David are: His key strengths are getting people onboard and inspiring them to deliver high performance – David would simply say a boat doesn’t go forward if everyone is rowing in a different direction. His craziest adventure was co-ordinating a cycle ride from England to Australia – he was once exceptionally fit!

Simon Barclay Coaching & Mentoring, Business Development Specialist

Doc, as he is affectionally known, is actually a qualified doctor who happens to specialise in creating effective businesses and building capacity in business leaders. The Doc would describe himself as a pragmatist, he unfailingly looks for and finds the solutions required for helping businesses move forward in a structured manner to a desired result.

Process focused and step by step in approach the Doc has a great bedside manner helping leaders to prescribe effective solutions to their businesses. The Doc is the consummate mentor and hits everyone at their level in a language and at a pace they work best at.

David would say of the Doc that the only thing he has yet to accomplish is winning the nobel prize for service to industry. Other people say of the Doc that he helps by bringing reality to the situation, cutting to the chase and explaining things in a simple way. The Doc says about himself that he loves the challenge of getting businesses to understand how to grow, getting them structured for growth and helping them implement a focused strategy.

Shane Bruhns Mentor & Leadership Teams

The epitome of understatement, Shane is undoubtably one of the great success stories. Pure strategy and business acumen Shane works in the upper echelons of business. Shane’s focus is on delivering advice and guidance to company leadership individuals, specialising in the Finance and Technology sectors, and provides consultative services in that space.

Very selective and very much in demand Shane provides market insight and guidance when critical decision making is required of leadership. David describes him as the guy who relentlessly gives it to you straight and still is a real nice bloke. Other people have said of Shane that he is a strong communicator, with a rare ability to listen closely to quickly dissect the complexities of an issue being presented to him. He never flinches from difficult decisions and always give credit where it is due. Shane would say of himself that he believes strongly in challenging and empowering those he works with, helping them to realise their aspirations, while developing a workplace culture where all have the chance to excel.

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